Best Wine Refrigerator Under $500 – Kalamera 12-Inch 18-Bottle Built-in Wine Cooler Review

Are you looking for the best wine refrigerator under $500? Many people can see the value in purchasing a wine fridge to keep their vino cooled to the right temperature, but at the same time find their budget limited to around $500. If this sounds like you, then you should take a good look at the Kalamera 12-Inch 18-Bottle Wine Cooler which can be used either built-in under a counter or freestanding. in my opinion, this is the best wine fridge you’ll find for less than five Ben Franklin’s.

Just have a look at this compact, gorgeous, and highly-functional thing of beauty…

Best wine refrigerator under $500, kalamera 12-inch 18-bottle wine coolerAs you can see, this is a very slick, modern-looking model that will complement just about any kitchen decor. Now let’s get a rundown of the Kalamera’s features and functionality.

  • Fits in 12-inch wide space. Exact dimension are 11.6″ wide x 33.9″ high x 22.4″ deep (without handle). The handle is designed to protrude another 2 inches from the front surface of your cabinets.
  • Built-in or Freestanding. It was designed with a built-in under-the-counter use in mind. But you could just as easily set it up somewhere in your home as a freestanding unit.
  • Compressor cooling. This model makes use of a compressor cooling system that can reliably cool down to 40°F regardless of ambient room temperature.
  • Easy to use single-zone touch controls. This single-zone cooler model chills the interior to an even temperature, which can be precisely controlled using the digital touch controls. A temperature range of 40-66°F is possible.
  • Attractive styling. The Kalamera has a stainless steel door, a double-layered tempered glass window, and beech wood sliding racks.
  • Temperature memory function. When you have a brief power outage, the cooler remembers the temperature it was set to, saving your wine from going to a default temp that may not be ideal.
  • 18-bottles capacity. This model holds up to 18 standard-sized Bordeaux 750ml wine bottles. There are six beech wood shelves, each holding three bottles.
  • Accommodates some larger bottles. Without removing any of the shelves to accommodate wider shaped wine bottles, there is some extra space above the lowest shelf to fit a few of these larger sized bottles in.
  • Security lock. So the kiddos won’t raid your wine collection.


Who is the Kalamera 18-Bottle Wine Cooler for?

The Kalamera 18-Bottle Wine Cooler is a great choice for a regular wine drinker or casual wine collector. If you frequently drink wine you’ll want to be able to store a modest amount at home. This way you can have your choice of wines to go with whatever meal you happen to be in the mood for.

If you don’t have a lot a space in your kitchen to dedicate to a wine fridge, this model should do nicely. At just 12 inches in width, it can fit into all sorts of places, including a small slot under the counter.

If you live somewhere with a warm climate, then a compressor type of cooler might make more sense than a thermoelectric one. You can probably find a cheaper thermoelectric cooler with a similar capacity as this one, but the cooling power of such a model may be limited by the ambient temperature of your home. Compressor coolers aren’t at the mercy of external temps in the same way, and they can easily maintain cooling down to 40°F.

Who is the Kalamera 18-Bottle Wine Cooler NOT for?

If you’re a very serious wine collector, then a capacity of 18 bottles might be a serious limitation. Maybe Kalamera’s 30-Bottle Wine Cooler would be of more interest to you.

Likewise, if you’re shopping for a wine fridge to furnish a busy restaurant, then you’ll want something much bigger.

Those who really strongly desire a dual-zone wine cooler would be another group that will not be totally satisfied with owning this single-zone model. It is great for keeping all your bottles at one standard temperature for storage or ideal drinking temperature for your favorite type. But it won’t be the model to get if you want to keep reds and whites at two different temps, for example.

Should you buy it?

If you’ve made up your mind to get a smaller sized wine fridge, you should definitely consider this one. It quickly and quietly cools down to the set temperature. It looks beautiful in your kitchen. It won’t take up much space, especially with only 12 inches of horizontal space. The temperature memory function can save your precious wine collection if the power goes out temporarily during a thunderstorm or some similar event while you are away.

18 bottles will last you two whole months of drinking a couple of botles of wine per week. If you keep wine for the purpose of actually drinking it—and not just collecting it for some rainy day that never comes—then you’ll find this capacity to be more than sufficient. The bit of extra space on the lowest shelf to hold wider bottles such as Pinot Noir is a nice bonus feature of this model. All-in-all, I’d say it’s a great value and a sound investment for anyone who really enjoys wine drinking.

And this Wine Cooler sells for less than $500


FireBird 28-Bottle Freestanding Thermoelectric Wine Cooler Review


If you are the type of person who looks forward to a glass of wine at the end of a busy day, you know how important it is to keep that bottle at the right temperature. A wine that is too warm or too cold could ruin the entire experience. Subtle notes and fragrances only come out when the wine is stored properly.

A good wine cooler is essential to making sure your wine is always presented the right way. The 28-Bottle Freestanding Thermoelectric Wine Cooler by Firebird is one possible choice for all those who love their wine. This review will go over all the features of this product so you can decide for yourself if it is for you.

Product Details

The developers at Firebird realize the important role temperature plays in a good glass of wine. They have equipped their cooler with an easily accessible touch pad for temperature control. The clear display on the LED screen lets you know that the cooler is always at the correct setting.

The thermoelectric fan cooling system is quiet and able to reduce vibration.

This model is made to accommodate 28 standard sized wine bottles.

There is a sleek black and silver finish that will be able to blend with almost any decor. This is a company that knows exactly what every wine enthusiast needs in their home.


  • This fridge is both stylish and compact.
  • The fan is amazingly quiet.
  • The temperature settings are clear with the digital screen.
  • Great value at a reasonable price.
  • Excellent customer service for anyone who has questions and concerns.


  • The location of the fan causes wine on the top shelf to be cooler than those below.
  • The shelves will need to be adjusted for any non-standard bottle sizes.
  • The temperature settings do not go below 54 degrees.
  • The shelves are made from lower quality materials.


Final Thoughts

Keeping the temperature of your favorite wine will improve the flavor and make the wine taste the way it meant to. The 28-Bottle Freestanding Thermoelectric Wine Cooler by Firebird has many good qualities and some aspects that are slightly problematic.

If you are passionate about your wine and feel the need to purchase a cooler, this model may be just what you need. Keep in mind that there are temperature limits and the cooling is not always distributed evenly. For the price though, this is one of the better coolers you will find.

It is quiet, efficient, and uses quality technology for the screen and settings.

While the needs of many wine lovers will be met with this product, those who are more detail oriented may feel like it falls short of expectations.

All-in-all this is a well-made wine cooler, but may not be for everyone. From all I have seen, this cooler does merit a test run as long as you are okay with a few minor inconveniences.


AKDY 28-Bottle Single-Zone Freestanding Wine Cooler Review


Wine cellar fridges are awesome to have if you want to keep your bottles at drinking temperature. They’re also nice to have if you simply want an efficient way to prolong the life of your wine without dedicating an entire room to becoming an actual cellar. If you’re looking to store and cool more than 20 bottles of wine at once, one product to consider is the AKDY 28-Bottle Single-Zone Freestanding Wine Cooler.

This model is a really great value. And I dare say it might be the best wine fridge available for under $200. Here’s more info to tell you why:


One of the stand-out features of this AKDY wine cooler is that it holds 28 bottles of wine, which is significantly more than some other wine cooler models I’ve reviewed at this price point. Its wire racks are stable, securely hold the wine, and slide in and out easily. The machine uses a thermoelectric cooling system that’s fairly quiet the majority of the time, and it also rarely vibrates.

The design of this cellar fridge is energy efficient, and it also has a neat touchpad that controls the temperature inside. An LED display clearly shows what temperature the cooler is set to, and you can move the temperature up or down with the touch of a button.

akdy_28_bottle_single_zone_wine_cooler_door_shutAnother nice thing about the AKDY 28 Bottle cooler is how nice it looks. The profile is attractive and the black color ensures it can easily sit on display anywhere in your home and look great. This model is also a good pick if you don’t want a wine fridge that takes up tons of space, as it’s just 20 inches by 16.9 inches horizontally and 28.6 inches in height.


Wine enthusiasts will appreciate the excellent features of this cooler:

  • It’s very sleek looking and will fit well into most decor.
  • The wine cellar really does get down to 54 degrees and will stay cool.
  • The touch screen controls are super easy and convenient to use.
  • If you have a lot of wine bottles, this can be your one place to store them all. Of course, if you keep more than 28 bottles on hand you’ll need to either buy two coolers or find an alternative storage solution for your other bottles.


There are some concerns about this wine fridge, but few are total deal breakers:

  • If you want to store a lot of sparkling or white wine and you prefer to drink it around 46 degrees Fahrenheit or so, this may not be the best cooler to get. At best, it cools down to 54 degrees F. If you aren’t willing to chill sparkling and white wines in the fridge before serving, this isn’t the cooler for you.
  • Sometimes this model will make a noticeable humming noise, but it usually only happens when the weather is hotter and it has to work harder to cool the bottles.
  • The 28 bottle capacity will work well for casual wine drinkers and those who keep 28 bottles or less on hand, but those who have expansive wine collections will need more space.


For a convenient, easy to use, and space saving way to store your wine, the AKDY 28-Bottle Single Zone Cooler is a great choice. It’s attractive, works well, and its sub-$200 price point is a bargain. To store more than 20 bottles without spending a bundle, this wine fridge is well worth a look.


Koldfront 24-Bottle Freestanding Dual-Zone Wine Cooler Review


The Koldfront 24-Bottle Freestanding Dual-Zone Wine Cooler is designed to cool your red and white wines simultaneously. That is because it contains two compartments that enable it to cool the wines to their perfect storage or serving temperatures. It can hold 24 bottles, which is a good medium capacity size if you are storing wines for use at your home.

Product Features

Thermoelectric Cooler

The Koldfront 24 Bottle Wine Cooler uses thermoelectric cooling technology. This technology allows the system to run quietly and without any vibrations. It also saves you on energy. That means your electricity bill will not shoot up just because you bought this wine cooler.

No Vibrations

The thermoelectric cooler does not vibrate like a regular refrigerator does. That is a plus for wine storage since vibrations degrade the quality of wine. Vibrations disturb the wine sediments and spoil the taste. With this cooler, you can be confident that will not happen.

Silent Operation

The Koldfront 24 Bottle Free Standing Dual Zone Wine Cooler runs silently due to its thermoelectric cooling system. If you like silence at night, that is a plus. You will also be happy to know that it does not run continuously but only when the temperature rises. That mostly happens when you open its door to take out your wine.

Two Cooling Compartments

koldfront_24_bottle_wine_cooler_wooden_shelf_detailI like that I can store both red and white wines in separate sections. Ideally, they should get cooled to different temperatures. When storing in a regular cooler that has only one compartment, you’ll always have to chill your white wines additionally before serving. But this device will allow you to keep your white wines cooler than your reds. The top compartment gets cooled to a temperature range of 54 to 66°F, while the bottom one can be set within a temperature range of 46 to 66°F.

Digital Control

Most regular refrigerators only provide a dial knob for setting the temperature of the internal compartment. This wine cooler provides you with a digital control pad. That means you can set the precise temperature that you want for your wine collection. And each zone can be set individually. The digital control system also includes a microcontroller to monitor and keep the internal temperatures in control. It is the perfect internal temperature control for temperature sensitive items like wine.

Sleek Design

The Koldfront 24 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler aims to amaze in its appearance. It has a metallic handle, black cabinet, with a stainless steel front door, blue interior lighting, and a slim vertical design. It is the kind of appliance you want to decorate your living space.



  • It has two compartments for cooling red wine and white wine
  • Digital temperature control
  • Silent operations
  • No vibrations
  • Energy efficient
  • Cools the different compartments to different temperatures


The only real negatives are minor points to consider when operating this model.

  • Do not keep opening the door, as it strains the cooling system.
  • Hold the tray with both handles when pulling it out. Otherwise, it will drop to the compartment below it.
  • The door must be opened to 180 degrees in order to pull out the storage trays. This means that you essentially need to place this unit in a spot where there is empty space directly to it’s right.


I like that this wine cooler enables me to store both red and white wines at their perfect temperatures. It’s a little pricier than some comparable models, however, the dual-zone cooling in a medium-capacity cooler is something that will appeal to many buyers.


Kalamera 80-Bottle Freestanding Compressor Wine Cooler Review


The Kalamera 80 Bottle Freestanding Compressor Wine Cooler uses advanced compressor technology to cool your wine. I like how it can cool my wines to temperatures as low as 40°F. Unlike regular refrigerators, its compressor runs quietly without causing vibrations. It can store up to 80 bottles of wine. That makes this the natural choice if you’re looking for a wine cellar cooler to grow a large collection with.

Product Features

Cools All Bottles Evenly

The Kalamera 80 Bottle Freestanding Compressor Wine Cooler has slat-styled shelves that allow air to flow freely throughout this wine cooler. That allows all the wines to chill to the desired temperature irrespective of their location in the cooler. I love wine that is chilled properly. That is why I like the fact that with this wine cooler, I can enjoy wines that are as cold as 40°F.

Digital Temperature Control

kalamera_80_bottle_wine_cooler_temperature_control_detailSetting the temperature of this wine cooler is a breeze. It has a digital control panel for you to raise or lower temperature using up/down arrows. The desired temperature is then displayed, and the cooler’s advanced compressor will work quietly to achieve that temperature. The digital display and blue interior light give the nice digital look to this 80 bottle wine cooler.

Quiet Compressor

This wine cooler uses an advanced quiet compressor that allows it to run quietly. It does not make that sharp noise that most refrigerators are prone to making. That allows it to stay in your kitchen or living room without drawing any unnecessary attention due to its noise. I prefer storing my pricey wines in the bedroom where I can quickly take inventory whenever I want at the end of the day. A quiet compressor is therefore very convenient for me.

Freestanding Design

The freestanding design of this wine cooler makes it easy to store in any room at home. You do not need to place it on top of the kitchen counter or shelf. Its tall, slim design makes use of vertical space. It is perfect for any situation where you want to take advantage of vertical space to avoid clutter. Whenever I have had to manage my living space, I have come to learn that if you stack some items upwards, you end up with some much needed space left. This wine cooler takes care of that.

80 Bottles Capacity

kalamera_80_bottle_wine_cooler_wood_shelf_detailMost wine coolers designed for use at home hold less than 20 bottles. That means you sometimes cannot store enough wine bottles as a collector. This model allows you to grow a large collection over time. The reliable cooling mechanism allows you to store your wine precious vintages at optimal temperature without worrying about them spoiling. And with the even cooling throughout, any one of those bottles will be ready to drink when you’re in the mood.

No Vibrations

This wine cooler uses a compressor that runs not just quietly but also without noticeable vibrations. That is important because vibrations disturb the sediments in wine, ruining its taste. The ability to chill wine to 40°F without causing vibrations is not something that is easy to find in a wine cooler.


  • Energy efficient, it is designed to use less energy when cooling your wines.
  • Stores 80 bottles, which is enough for home wine storage.
  • Runs quietly and it is totally silent at a distant of 10 feet.
  • Does not vibrate when operating.
  • Free standing and makes use of vertical space.
  • Very affordable for its capacity.


  • Cools your wines slowly.
  • It needs some effort to take out the shelves when surrounding shelves are full.
  • Small feet, the door, might rub the floor if placed on a carpet.


If you intend to start a wine collection, this is the best wine cooler to have. It will cool your wine and easily hold its temperature within a range of 40°F-66°F. It will not cause any vibrations, meaning it conserves the quality of your wine. Finally, it runs quietly to make sure that it does not cause any disturbance. I would not hesitate to recommend this wine fridge to my best friends if they were interested in seeking a large capacity cooler.


Kalamera 30-Bottle Built-in or Freestanding Wine Refrigerator Review


The aroma and flavor of wine is way more enhanced when it’s served chilled properly. The trick, however, is in achieving the right temperature. Before I knew any better, I used to put all my wines in an ordinary refrigerator—and the results were always disastrous. Either the wine was too cold or too warm.

I realized I needed more precise control—to find that threshold where the temperature is just perfect, so I decided to buy a wine refrigerator. A wine refrigerator is not like an ordinary refrigerator—it’s specifically designed to store wine. Not only does it keep your wine cool but it also ages it to bring out its true characteristic and full flavor potential.

After reading a few reviews online, I decided to purchase the Kalamera 30-Bottle Built-in Wine Refrigerator as my first wine fridge.

Kalamera 30-Bottle Wine Fridge

This is a versatile unit that you can set up in any activity area in your home such as the living room as a freestanding wine cooler. It is also designed so that it can be used under the counter as a built-in refrigerator. It keeps your wine perfectly chilled to your desired temperature thanks to a proficient single-zone system. The product has an elegant look what with the interior being illuminated by a soft blue light and a gleaming stainless steel frame. This wine cooler basically has everything you need to benefit from the best, perfectly chilled wine.


The refrigerator can hold up to 30 bottles of wine on slotted beech wood shelves. It’s made of a stainless steel frame and it has two layers of tempered glass. This ensures that the temperature inside doesn’t fluctuate and it also prevents fogging.

It’s not as noisy as an ordinary refrigerator and the vibration levels are very low thanks to the pre-installed advanced compressor technology.

The LED control display lets you set the temperature very easily so you can always rest easy knowing that your wine is cooling at the perfect temperature at all times.

You can install it anywhere. It does not take up a lot of space so you can store it in the bar or kitchen area.


  • First, it’s very easy to install and easy to use. Installing the door handle was a breeze. All I had to do was peel back the seal on the interior side of the door to reveal two screw holes.
  • Also, I like how the compressor is very quiet and cools very fast. I thought the reviews online had exaggerated this feature but it appears that this wine refrigerator is actually very reliable. I still bought the four year extended warranty even though it appears to be a far much more reliable unit than most of the other wine coolers. Many other inferior models seem to fail after one or two years.
  • Another wonderful feature is that this unit will cool all the way down to 40 degrees F. I personally don’t set it that low since I mainly drink red wines. However, if you’re a big fan of whites you should be happy to know that this model will chill your vino down much cooler than thermoelectric models typically can.


  • It’s a little more expensive than some other models with a similar capacity. However, as with all things, you usually get what you pay for. The quality in this unit is really top notch.
  • One thing I noticed when the unit arrived was that the glass door was cracked. it must have gotten damaged during shipping. That said, the company sent me a replacement door immediately, and the Kalamera representative was very helpful and friendly.


Overall, this wine cooler is really well made. It’s not noisy, it cools wine very fast and the temperature inside remains constant at all times. It’s solid and a little hefty at 72 lbs, but doesn’t take up much floor space and can practically fit anywhere. I’d say it’s rather attractive and provides good value. I would definitely recommend this unit to anyone looking for a mid-sized wine cooler who plans on storing more than 20 bottles.


NewAir 28-Bottle Freestanding Wine Cooler Review


If you are a wine lover, then you know there is nothing better than enjoying a nicely chilled glass of wine after a long day. We know that improper wine storage can have negative effects to your expensive bottle of wine. That is why it is wise to invest in top notch wine cooler. The NewAir 28-Bottle Freestanding Wine Cooler will chill your wine to perfection, allowing you enjoy your favorite vintage just as it was meant to be.

NewAir 28-Bottle Cooler Key Features

The Exterior

This freestanding model has a very sleek and modern finished look that fits perfectly with any kitchen décor. It has a sleek black cabinet exterior that is framed beautifully with stainless steel. Its tinted glass double-paned door gives off a contemporary yet modern look.

newair_28_bottle_thermoelectric_wine_coolerThe NewAir 28-Bottle Cooler comes inclusive of a blue LED light that can be switched on and off. You can also opt to leave it on, giving your wine bottles a beautiful blue haze that will undoubtedly catch your guests’ attention. Finally, this model comprises of a sturdy, non-slip stainless steel bar handle that allows you to open and access your wine with little to no effort from your end.

This single-zone wine fridge has digital controls that are located on the top door frame. This allows you to set the temperatures to chill your wine to your heart’s desire.

The Interior

Next comes its removable slide-out metal racks that can hold up to 28 bottles of your favorite vintage. There are 6 pull-out shelves in total, each holding a capacity of four bottles. You can store an additional four bottles on the bottom of your cabinet, adding to a grand total of 28.

This model has plastic clips that ensure your bottles are intact and safe at all times. Keep in mind that this wine cooler can hold only 750ml bottles of your favorite red or white wines such as a Moscato, a Sauvignon Blanc, Gamay, Malbec, Merlot, etc. but cannot accommodate champagne bottles that are wider. However, you can opt to pull out a few shelves to make more room for wider bottles—this however will reduce the number of bottles you can chill. This model can accommodate longer bottles that are within 12″ to 13″ long.

Setup and Maintenance

The NewAir Wine Cooler will be delivered to you near full assembly. All you have to do is use the provided manual instructions and fit the door handle.

When stacking up your wines, be wary of blocking the air ventilation, which is located at the back as this can cause your cooler to overheat or not chill your wines.


  • It holds temperature very well and will keep your bottles nice and chilled to your specified temperature settings, which preserves full flavor and aroma.
  • It has an elegant modern finish that will undoubtedly merge beautifully with your kitchen décor.
  • You will surprised at how easy it is to set up and operate.
  • Thanks to its adjustable interior, you will be able to remove and adjust your shelves to fit wider bottles such as magnums or champagnes.
  • This compact and very handy little device is perfect for your home bar, game room, dining room, or kitchen area.


  • It can be a bit noisy if you a first time user but you will eventually get used to the fairly quiet soothing sound
  • Its temperatures range from 54-66 degrees F (12-19 degrees C), which can be a bit restrictive when you are dealing with sweet wines.


Overall, the NewAir 28-Bottle Wine Cooler offers great value for your buck. It is spacious, elegant, very sturdy, has adjustable shelves, and holds temperature to ensure your wine is perfectly chilled at all times.

Yes, it does tend to make a little noise and has limited cold temperature settings, but aside from these tiny setbacks, this is a good value cooler with above average storage capacity at an affordable price.


Koldfront 18-Bottle Freestanding Dual-Zone Wine Cooler Review


Freestanding wine coolers are super convenient. You don’t have to worry about building out special areas for them and can simply plug yours in and let it do its thing. With the number of electric wine cellars available these days, it can be tough figuring out which one will not only work well, but be spacious enough and look decent enough to put on display. And if you fancy both red and white wines, there’s also the issue of finding a cooler that will somehow keep both at their respective optimal temperatures.

The Koldfront 18-Bottle Freestanding Dual-Zone Wine Cooler not only holds enough bottles to store most people’s wine collections, it works incredibly well and sports an attractive facade. Should you splurge and get one? Here’s more information about the model and whether it will fit your needs.

Product Details

koldfront_18_bottle_wine_cooler_display_detailUnlike most wine coolers, this Koldfront model has two temperature zones: the top chills wine from 46 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit, and the bottom of the cooler chills it between 54 and 66 degrees. This feature makes the chiller suitable for storing reds and whites at the same time and getting each to the right temperature. Imagine being able to grab two bottles of red and white wine, opening them, and finding that both could be enjoyed without additional chilling—that’s the type of advantage that comes with owning this fridge.

It also has wooden shelving, which is a break from the norm. As opposed to the metal shelves that are inside most wine coolers, the wood does a much better job at protecting bottles from cracking or breaking, and it provides a more stable surface. The motor inside this model is thermoelectric and runs fairly quietly. Plus, the doors of the fridge are tempered and also has a safety lock, which is a good feature for those who have children or pets.




You’ll find that this Koldfront cooler has tons of benefits:

  • It has two zones so you can keep different types of wine at their proper temperatures.
  • Though it stores 18 bottles, this cooler isn’t imposing and can fit into most average sized kitchen areas.
  • The wine cooler has wooden shelving, which is not only best for bottles to lay on but looks great.
  • It’s a freestanding model.
  • This fridge has a safety lock and tempered glass doors.


There are a few drawbacks to the fridge, but most aren’t dealbreakers:

  • The cooler has a slim design, but it isn’t small enough to fit on counter tops or really small spaces.
  • If you only drink one type of wine, the dual zone temperature feature may be a moot point.
  • Those with smaller wine collections may feel they’re paying for storage space that they don’t need.


This Koldfront wine cooler is awesome if you have a modest number of bottles to store or you have both reds and whites in your collection. The dual zone temperature feature works well, and let’s not forget that the cooler itself is attractive.

All in all, this is a great value wine fridge for under $200. Its reasonable price point and wealth of excellent features makes this chiller a smart investment if you often drink wine or keep it around for entertaining.


AKDY 32-Bottle Single-Zone Wine Cooler Review

akdy_32_bottle_single_zone_wine_cooler_cellar_chillerWhat happens when you want to enjoy the silky taste and authentic aroma of your favorite wine beverages? Well, a worthwhile choice for you would be to keep the wine at the appropriate temperatures. Serving your vino too cold may cause it to lose its consistent taste while warm temperatures might speed up the aging process. Nonetheless, whether you are an aspiring wine connoisseur or an experienced wine taster, you don’t have to spend a significant amount of money to develop a property with a wine cellar underground. Instead, an excellent investment would be to get the AKDY 32-Bottle Single-Zone Wine Cooler, which is designed to provide solid performance at impressive affordability.

Product Details

Double Transparent Glass Window and Environmentally friendly design

This wine cooler features a sleek and contemporary design tailor made for people who appreciate quality products in life. To be specific, it comes with a double transparent glass window that lets you view your wine bottles without the necessarily having to open the cooler itself. By the same token, this particular design makes it stand out from the conventional wine coolers that are available on the consumer market today. Users will also appreciate the environmentally friendly design that is intended to mitigate the effects of harmful CFCs and with low energy consumption and efficient heat dissipation.

Electronic touch-pad control provides precise temperature adjustments.


Another equally important feature on this AKDY freestanding wine refrigerator is that it comes with an electronic touch-pad. This allows for precise temperature adjustments for your unique needs. More so, the electronic touch-pad is well positioned for easy accessibility. It also comes with LED lighting to provide the ideal visibility levels especially in poorly lit conditions.

LED Lighting Inside and chrome-plated chrome

Further lending to the superior design of this wine cooler is that it comes with LED lighting on the interior. It attractively illuminates and displays your exclusive wine collection. Simply put, this wine cooler cannot only store your favorite wine beverages, but it also lets you do so with class and style. Furthermore, it also comes with eight full-width, chrome plated shelves and provides more than sufficient space to store 32 conventional bottles of wine.

Thermoelectric fan cooling system and sleek design

This medium capacity freestanding wine cellar makes use of a thermoelectric fan cooling system. The advantages are this is highly silent in operation and has a low vibration level as well. Moreover, this unit also comes with a sleek and contemporary design that makes it stand out from the conventional wine coolers. In particular, the wine cooler features a silver colored cabinet with stainless steel door trim. This makes it an excellent addition to any décor.


  • I like how this wine cooler comes with a chrome plated design and LED lighting inside
  • You will be surprised at a how silent this wine cooler is in operation
  • I also liked how this wine cooler can store as many as 32 bottles of wine. The average person won’t need more than this unless they’re a real serious collector.


  • It is a thermoelectric unit instead of a compressor thereby making it sensitive to the temperature of the room
  • I sometimes have to remove the shelving to accommodate my larger wine bottles, but at least they can be accommodated.


Given all these points, when it comes to storing your favorite wine beverages, then this model would be a solid choice. I would recommend it more for someone who wants to keep a large quantity of red wines at home. The thermoelectric style cooler is good for keeping wines at a fair storage temperature. Its also nice for keeping reds at an ideal serving temperature, but is probably not going to chill white wines to their best serving temp.