Best Wines for New Wine Drinkers – Red and White Wines to Start Drinking

best wines for new wine drinkers

If you’ve never tasted wine before, don’t get discouraged if you dislike the first wine you taste. For whatever reason, the best wines for new wine drinkers aren’t always the ones they end up trying first. There are also other delicious wines out there beginners will love at first taste. Ultimately, the best red and white wines to start drinking will be a matter of opinion, but here are a few good options to consider.

Best Red Wines to Begin With

You will decide whether you want to start off with a red or white wine. But when it comes to any wine, you will want to start off with something simple. Merlot is a red wine that is usually classed as easy-to-drink and not too complex. Although depending on the winery and vintage, some Merlots can be quite developed.

Syrah is another variety that many go for if they enjoy strong flavors. You might have also heard of the Australian Shiraz—they are one and the same, just different spellings for this grape variety. But you will notice that the Australian Shiraz is a bit peppery while Syrah is fruity.

Pinot Noir is the another simple wine that’s easy to love. This is one that gets white wine drinkers to fall back to red wines. For Pinot Noir, why don’t you try the McMurray Ranch Pinot Noir?

But just like Pinot Noir, Beaujolais Nouveau will also make your Christmas merry as it releases in November every year. It is a fruity wine and light too for beginners. If you don’t want a wine with heavy tannins then this is just the wine for you.

best wines for new wine drinkers

White Wines You Should Start With

To start off your white wine drinking journey, why don’t you start with some Moscato d’Asti. This white wine from Italy is slightly frizzy and off-dry. The flavors of almonds and apricots are what makes this wine offer the best crispy, sweet, and juicy sip all the time.

But your wine journey is not complete until you have a taste of Riesling. Beginners prefer this wine because it ranges from dry to very sweet. Just like the Moscato d’Asti, you will also love the crisp citrus and minerals flavors.

Finally a Pinot Grigio white wine will be one of the friendliest wines as compared to other white wines on the market. They are crisp and light bodied too, in flavor and finish characteristics.